Lumberjack Vegan Beard Oil





Scent-notes of fir, pine needles and orange
 Rice Bran oil – A rich source of antioxidants, both various forms of vitamin E, as well as compounds such as oryzanol. There is a lot of vitamin E in rice bran oil, including both tocopherol and tocotrienol, which most carrier oils cannot claim. It is able to deeply penetrate into skin’s layers, nourishing it from within, making your skin very soft and velvety, it improves skin’s elasticity, making it appear more youthful and plump.
  Fractionated Coconut oil -raises the comparative concentration of Capric acid and Caprylic acid, thus giving it more of antioxidant and disinfecting effect; antiseptic properties.
 Grapeseed oil -an effective natural hair moisturizer and conditioner. However, grape seed oil surpasses its counterparts in its ability to address problems such as weakened hair, hair loss, and dandruff. Regular use of grape seed oil as a supplement to your regular beard-care products will leave you with a stronger, healthier, more attractive beard.
Ingredients- Rice bran oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Essential oils
  • Stops Beard Itch
  • Stops Beardruff
  • Intoxicating subtle scent
  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients


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