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This beard oil uses the same quality, natural and organic oils as the base with the popular cologne fragrance

Why not eliminate the hassle of putting on cologne and beard oil at different times and put it on at the same time. So now you can get our Premium beard oils with your favorite cologne smell and while your keeping your beard conditioned and nourished, you can smell great at the same time. Getting a bottle of Hugo Boss Type Beard Oils eliminates the pressure, since it’s first and foremost a grooming product — which happens to double as cologne. (These beard oils use the same quality, natural and organic oils as the base with a popular cologne fragrance). These cologne oils are TYPES only & not to be confused with the trademark product .

Hugo Boss Type Beard Oils has been researched for months and made with the finest and purest natural blends of oils. It is the best beard oil on the market. The Hugo Boss Type Beard Oils is designed to be lightweight and will help keep your beard be conditioned and shiny. Because of it being lightweight , it won’t weigh down your beard or feel greasy. The only thing left behind is the intoxicating fragrance.


  • Stops Beard Itch
  • Stops Beardruff
  • Intoxicating subtle scent
  • Made from 100% Natural Ingredients

Argan oil
Jojoba oil
Hemp seed oil
Sweet Almond oil
Vitamin E
Do small skin test before using fully, might contain allergens to certain individuals.
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